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We are dedicated to showcasing the amazing talent of Mexican artist, Andres Martin del Campo and his unique, imaginative artwork.

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Learn more about Andres, the materials he uses, and the variety of his work.

Understanding how Andres began his artistic journey, how he works,  and the incredible scope and variety of his work illuminates and amplifies the quality and beauty of his work. We appreciate your time in reading more about him, and our gallery.


Andres Martin del Campo was born in Guadalajara, one of the great cultural centers of Mexico.


Known primarily for his intricately cut metal art, Andres and his skilled artisans also employ fiberglass, resin, and other materials.


Horses, birds, trees, southwestern, modern… Andres does it all, drawing inspiration from his country ranch and wide ranging travel.


Sherwood Florist & iUniqueArt Gallery

It may seem an odd combination at first, an art gallery inside a flower shop. In all honesty, it wasn’t even intentional, at first. But such is the pull and attraction to this art that we have come to have the largest collection of his work in the USA.

Seeing his work online is great, but we invite you to visit us in person, to fully appreciate the beauty of his work.

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